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Price List

Our standard service charges include all general service parts. When we service a camera, it is generally not necessary to rebuild the rangefinder prism, fit shutter blinds or reskin the camera. In such cases, additional charges will apply as outlined below. If a camera or lens is supplied to us in very poor or damaged condition or if contaminated or if water damaged, we reserve the right to make modest additional charges to cover the extra work.


We advise that your camera is serviced if has a fault or faults and hasn't been serviced in a number of years. We can carry out targeted spot repairs if you wish.

DISCLAIMER: All work carried out is subject to our standard terms and conditions

Leica Screw Servicing
Leica LTM rangefinder cameras, Full Service
Leica LTM without rangefinder, Full Service
Leica IIIg, Full Service
LTM Shutter Curtain each if required
IIIc Replica Red Curtains Set
Reskin 4008 pattern Koyo Orient Leatherette
Reskin Italian Leather Pebble Grain
LTM Spot Repair (not servicing), charged hourly rate
£50 per hour
Repaint - any style you like

Leica 'M' Blacked-Out Rangefinder?

We can deal with this situation in a number of ways...

  1. While we are servicing your camera: £209.25 additional cost.

  2. Rangefinder repair only - no servicing etc: £283.50

  3. Remove the rangefinder from the camera and send it to us for repair: £209.25. This can help minimise customs charges etc.

Why not add a Rapid Load Kit to your M2 or M3?

We can fit a RLK to your camera during a service and return your old spool along with the RLK storage tube/tools/instructions etc at the reduced price of £139.50

Just indicate you would like one on your job booking form or cover letter.

'M' Servicing
M-A Full Service
MP (2003) Full Service
MP (1956/57) Full Service
M7 Full Service
M2, M3, M4, M4-2, M4-P
M1 Full Service
MDa Full Service
'M' Parts / Additional Service
Strap Lug Replacement (pair)
M Titanium Shutter Upgrade (You will need to supply Nikon F2 Donor camera)
M2, M4 Illuminator Window
M3/M4/M6 Frame Counter Lens. AR coated, higher magnification.
M6 Anti-Flare Kit (Please request)
FREE (during a service)
FtA Brightline mask M2, M3
Rapid Load Kit Upgrade RLK (Your old spool returned)
Sapphire Crystal Windows M2, M3, M4
Schneider Kreuznach AR windows M2, M3, M4
'M' Shutter Curtain (white dot)
'M' Shutter Curtain (each)
Standalone Services - No other work
Rangefinder rebuild due to blacked out etc. From
Leica M9, M10 sticking rangefinder repair/RF CALIBRATION
Coated Sapphire Crystal Windows only M2 + M3
Coming soon!
Buddha Ear Strap lug Conversion - includes reskin
Stainless Steel Strap Lugs fitted
Loose main prism repair only (RF keeps losing calibration)
M6 Anti Flare Kit (Includes full RF calibration)
RF Calibration only. All 'M' film cameras and 'M' Digital - M10 etc. 1 week turnaround.
Reskin Only Italian Pebble Grain Leather
Reskin Only #4008 pattern Koyo Orient Leatherette
Lens Repaints 'R'
Lens Repaints screw and 'M'
Leica Screw
Leica 'M' Factory Pattern
Leica 'M' Reverse Panda
Leica 'M' Panda
Lens Servicing
'R' Prime lenses (non ASPH)
'M' Prime lenses ASPH
'M' Prime lenses (non ASPH)
Screwmount primes
Lens Part or Additional Service
Recementing and Centering of Doublet (up to 40mm dia)
Single Lens Polish and AR coating (up to 40mm dia)
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