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Important information for overseas customers wishing to send equipment to us for repair / service

The only way we can receive overseas repairs, servicing or repaints, is if you send them to us using DDP - delivered duty-paid (Incoterms). This means that any import duties, taxes or VAT are paid in advance, at the time of booking your shipment. For shipments from within the European Union, this would be roughly equivalent to VAT (20%) of the declared value of the shipment (plus the cost of shipping) being added to your shipping bill.

From outside of the EU, the charges are also likely to include an additional 4.5% or thereabouts import duty.

Please ensure that you follow these instructions. Failure to do so may mean that your equipment may get stuck in customs or may get returned to you, as we cannot accept packages that are not DDP - delivered duty-paid.


DDP can be specified when booking a delivery using the big parcel delivery services, such as FedEx, UPS, DPD etc. These services can be quite complicated to book online. The alternative is to use a parcel broker who usually have much more user friendly online booking experience and often offer a selection of carriers, including the ones already mentioned, at discount rates (In the UK we use Interparcel).


There should be a good selection of parcel brokers in your own country. Some brokers seem to offer the DDP option and some don't, so you may need to shop around to find one that does.

The option for sending DDP by your domestic postal service may be possible. You will need to check with your post office.

When your shipment is completed, just drop us an email to let us know you are sending a parcel using DDP and we'll look out for it.

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