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Introducing the Leica Rapid Load Kit (RLK) – a revolutionary upgrade designed to bring the streamlined efficiency of M6 film loading to your beloved M2 and M3 cameras. Our RLK, meticulously engineered for a perfect fit, comes as a comprehensive package equipped with all essentials for a swift, do-it-yourself installation in just a few minutes.


We take immense pride in the precision and quality of our RLK. Each kit is expertly CNC machined from the finest solid brass and aluminium, ensuring durability and a maintenance-free experience. Moreover, the RLK's installation process is fully reversible, guaranteeing no trace or impact on your camera's pristine condition.


Elevating the experience of film loading, our RLK stands as a significant advancement over the traditional Leica 14260 quick load kit. It's not just an accessory; it's an enhancement to your photographic practice, ensuring speed and ease without compromising the classic Leica feel.


At Cameraworks-UK, we're committed to excellence and innovation in every product we offer. That's why we're excited to make the RLK available to photographers around the world with our global shipping options. Embrace the future of film photography with our Leica Rapid Load Kit, and experience the evolution of M2/M3 film loading.


The RLK comprises of:


  • Rapid Load spool
  • Spinner - simply fitted to your bottom plate
  • Hex Key
  • Small screwdriver
  • Loading diagram sticker (for attaching to the base plate)
  • Instructions
  • Storage tube


The RLK is fully compatible with the Leica M1, M2, M3 and the original MP.


Now free shipping worldwide!


Recent Feedback:


"Great find - makes my M3 so much easier to load...thanks"


"Impeccable design I love it. Thank you😀❤️,got it at 3pm🌟"


"Beautifully made hardware and very easy to install. Thanks!"


"Great condition and superbly packed...thank you very much...."

Leica Rapid Load Kit RLK

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