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Our Leica Rapid Load Kit (RLK) brings the ease and speed of M6 film loading to your M2 and M3. The RLK comes with everything you need and is designed for DIY fitting in just a couple of minutes. Fitting of the RLK is completely reversible, leaving no marks whatsoever. The RLK is precision CNC machined from solid brass and aluminium components and is maintenance free. RLK Spools and Spinners are matched and serial numbered. We believe it is an evolution in M2/M3 film loading, surpassing the Leica 14260 quick load kit. We ship worldwide.


The RLK comprises of:


  • Rapid Load spool
  • Spinner - simply fitted to your bottom plate
  • Hex Key
  • Small screwdriver
  • Loading diagram sticker (for attaching to the base plate)
  • Instructions
  • Storage tube


The Leica quick load kit 14260 does offer some improvement in film loading, the main point being that the take-up spool doesn't have to be removed each time where it can be dropped or lost.  Because the Leica M3  has an automatic frame counter reset mechanism, their solution was to fit a telescopic tube that allows the user to withdraw the spool slightly to reset the counter.  A design compromise had to be made however. The spool also had to fit the M2, which has a different spindle and the telescopic tube had to be made wide enough to fit the spindle. This means that it was impossible to use the 'petal' design of spool that we see on the M4/M6 etc, and as such, the film is still somewhat fiddly to load - hence 'quick load', not Rapid Load.


The RLK solves this problem and it does use the modern petal type take up spool design and a more elegant spinner for the bottom plate. Clever engineering means we can use a slender metal telescopic tab that allows the spool to be slightly retracted and pushed back for use on the M3. If you wish to use the RLK on an M2, the tab is simply unscrewed and the spool will fit onto the M2 spindle.


THe RLK is fully compatible with the Leica M1, M2, M3 and the original MP.

UK Shipping (Special Delivery) £7.50. Rest of the world £12.50


Recent Feedback:


"Great find - makes my M3 so much easier to load...thanks"


"Impeccable design I love it. Thank you😀❤️,got it at 3pm🌟"


"Beautifully made hardware and very easy to install. Thanks!"


"Great condition and superbly packed...thank you very much...."

Leica Rapid Load Kit RLK

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