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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you service other makes of camera?

A. No, we only work on Leica. Currently we repair and service Leica 'M' film cameras (excluding M5, M6TTL and M7). We can work on the entire LTM range and many accessories.


Q. Can you repair/service the Leica CL or Minolta CLE?

A. At the moment, we don't offer service on these cameras. Also, we don't offer service on Leica Minilux or similar.


Q. Can you repair/service digital Leicas?

A. The only faults we will repair on these cameras are rangefinder calibration or rangefinder sticking or related faults.


Q. Do you repair Leicaflex cameras?

A. No, only rangefinder cameras, although we can repair/service 'R' lenses.


Q. Do you work on aspheric lenses?

A. It depends. Usually, we can carry out routine servicing but there are problems with certain lenses that contain floating elements. Quite often, highly specialised jigs must be used in order to carry out repairs, unfortunately, we don't have these. Even Leica no longer have some of these specialised jigs and will refuse to carry out work on certain lenses.


Q. I have a certain fault on my camera but you tell me I should get it serviced. It was only serviced recently. Can you not just fix the one thing? I'm confused!

A. At cameraworks-uk, we specialize in thorough servicing of Leica cameras to ensure peak performance and longevity. While we understand your camera may appear to have a relatively simple fault and has been serviced recently, experience shows us that servicing quality can vary. Often, a previous service may only address surface issues without fully ensuring all systems are optimal. A specific fault can be symptomatic of underlying issues, which if unaddressed, might cause other problems later. Our comprehensive service approach, backed by a fixed price, ensures all potential issues are identified and corrected in one go, aligning with Leica’s standards for system-wide maintenance. This not only enhances your camera's reliability but also prevents future complaints by ensuring no related issues are overlooked and is backed by our famous 2-year guarantee. There may be obvious occasions where a 'spot' repair may be called for but these tend to be exceptions, but we will advise you once we've taken a look at your equipment.


Q. What is your turnaround time?

A. Currently, it is about 4-5 months. We are working hard to reduce this. First we stopped taking-in potentially problematic and very time consuming jobs such as M5, M6TTL and M7 cameras and we cut back some of our more esoteric work such as lens grinding/polishing which were equally time-consuming. Because we are a dedicated service business and don't generally deal in quick fixes, our work flow can be a bit slower than some.


Q. Do you do all the work yourselves?

A. Yes, all work, including cameras and lenses are done in-house by Alan or James. No work is subcontracted.


Q. I heard that the repair guarantee can be transferred to a new owner. Is this true?

A. Yes, if the camera has had a full service/overhaul, we guarantee work carried out on the camera for 2 years. If the new owner is based in the UK and guarantee work is agreed, the owner pays shipping to us and we pay for return shipping. Should the new owner be located outside of the UK and if guarantee work is agreed, the new owner will pay for shipping to us and send the equipment Delivery Duty Paid (Incoterms). The new owner will also agree to pay return shipping costs. Guarantee work is subject to our standard terms and conditions.


Q. Do you still offer repainting services?

A. Yes, we can repaint most cameras and many lenses as we have done for the last 10 years.


Q. My camera/lens is very rare/valuable. Can you work on equipment like this?

A. Yes, we often repair/service/restore such equipment. Servicing costs are generally unaffected by value although restoration work may require acquisition of specific parts or special work to be carried out and in such cases estimates will be given. Where transportation is an issue, we can arrange a specialist high value and secure door to door courier service.


Q. I have some design ideas when it comes to my camera. Can you offer alternatives to the usual factory spec or reverse panda etc paint styles?

A. Sure, contact us to discuss your needs. We are happy to take on the odd unusual job or creative colour scheme.

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