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We do not normally ask for a deposit or any payment to be made prior to carrying out work. As your job moves through our system, you should normally get email updates. These are when the job gets booked-in, when the work is 'in progress' and when the job is 'complete'. It is important that we have your email address for this and the payment system to work.

In exceptional circumstances for those without internet access, we can arrange for paperwork to be submitted to you by mail and payment may be made by cheque or by bank transfer.

Soon after the 'completed' notification, we will issue a Paypal invoice. Paypal is a trusted international payment system and is integral to the way our system works. You do not need a Paypal account of your own to do this.  Any major card is acceptable. Please note that we generate postal labels once you have settled the invoice from within Paypal, therefore make sure your address details are correct as this is the address we will normally use.

Payment is required as soon as possible after the invoice has been issued. Your goods will be held and only released upon payment in full.

If for some reason Paypal cannot be used (it is the safest payment method we know of), you can arrange payment directly into our bank account. International payments can still take two or three days and there may be a delay since we need to check our account daily. Our bank details are:

Santander Bank


IBAN: GB36ABBY09012919845043

Account name: cameraworks-uk

Sort code: 09-01-29

Account number: 19845043

Failing this, we can take UK issued cheques made out to cameraworks-uk. Clearance may take 3-5 days.


In accordance with our terms and conditions, goods will be held for 90 days. If after this you have not been in contact with us to make a proposal for payment, we reserve the right to dispose of the goods in order to recover our costs. Any surplus balance will be held on account and/or returned to you.

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