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Leica Camera Repairs and Servicing


We specialise in the servicing, repair and customisation of 35mm film Leica rangefinder cameras and also certain rangefinder work on M9/M10. Currently, we don't support the SLR range of cameras (although we do support 'R' lenses). Also, we do not currently support the M5 or the Leica CL or Leica compact cameras such as the Minilux.

Camera servicing

At Cameraworks-uk, we take immense pride in what we offer, which is referred to as 'servicing.' We distinguish ourselves by never resorting to the term 'clean, lubricate, and adjust' (CLA). Instead, we adhere to the comprehensive 'servicing' protocols specified in the various Leica service manuals. In essence, our approach is more akin to a complete overhaul of your camera.
















Our meticulous process involves:

  • Thorough Inspection: We begin by conducting a meticulous examination of your Leica camera to identify any issues or areas that require attention.

  • Precision Work: We go above and beyond to ensure that all components, including shutter speeds and the rangefinder, are meticulously restored to peak performance and operating within precise tolerances.

  • Quality Assurance: We leave no stone unturned, guaranteeing that your Leica camera functions flawlessly when it leaves our workshop.

Trust Cameraworks-uk for the ultimate in Leica camera care, where every detail matters.


We are very well equipped with specialist tools and a wide range of test equipment to ensure your camera is maintained correctly. We also have a small engineering workshop and other specialist facilities such as laser cutting, engraving and vacuum coating.

Rangefinder work
M3 sputter coating_edited.jpg

At Cameraworks-uk, we specialize in precision rangefinder work, addressing issues that have historically posed challenges for satisfactory repairs. In the past, issues like blacked-out rangefinders or problems with the brightline mask often left customers dissatisfied. Commonly, prisms were merely glued back together without addressing the underlying problem – the beamsplitter.

Addressing these challenges head-on, we've made significant advancements:

  • Brightline Mask Revival: Recognizing the scarcity of replacement parts dating back to the 1990s, we took it upon ourselves to remanufacture brightline masks. This means that your Leica camera can now receive the attention it deserves, even if these essential components need replacement.

  • Innovative Technology: We've invested in cutting-edge technology that allows us to apply thin film materials, such as beamsplitters, through vacuum deposition. This ensures that the beamsplitter, a crucial component in the rangefinder system, is meticulously restored to its optimal condition. We can now offer new AR coatings too.

  • Future-Proofing: Our commitment extends beyond today's repairs. We're actively remanufacturing other obsolete parts, guaranteeing that we can offer repairs well into the future.

Lens servicing

We also offer thorough lens servicing. Where possible we use First Contact polymer in order to clean optics in order to reduce the possibility of coating damage and we can, under certain circumstances fix things such as balsam separation, fungus and if time permits, we can attend to lens resurfacing and optical coatings - although there is a limited availability for such work.

Our experience and flexibility allows us to carry out certain camera modifications. For example, we can upgrade your 'M' with Nikon F2 titanium shutter curtains. We can obscure unwanted rangefinder framelines, fit M6 anti-flare kits, retro advance levers etc on M4/M6. We were the first to offer AR coated windows on M2-M4 cameras, with sapphire now available. We were also the first to provide special black stealth 'M' lens mounts.

Our prototype M3T - titanium shutter

We have a Rapid Load kit for M2/M3 and much more. If you have any ideas, we'll be happy to discuss them with you. Just use our enquiry form.

Disclaimer: Due to the delicate nature of optical work and the fact that lenses, prisms and other optical components can be under stress, there is always a small chance that things can go wrong, so all work is subject to out standard terms and conditions.

How it works...

We generally don't do estimates. We prefer to work on a fixed-price system. See our price list. Obviously, for anything unusual, we will do an estimate.

Send your equipment to us. Enclose our Booking Form or a letter is fine (don't forget to enclose your full contact details including email address etc).

Send the package to us. We recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery. insured to the appropriate amount (up to £2,500 per package).


Soon after we receive the items, we will book it onto our repair management system. You will receive an email with your repair ticket number.

When we start work, your job will be set to 'In progress'. When complete, you will receive a notification to that effect.

We will then send you a Paypal invoice. You do not need a Paypal account. Please make sure your address is correct or up to date.

After Payment, we will return your items by Special Delivery, using the address provided by Paypal. If you need the items to be sent to a different address, either update Paypal before paying the invoice or phone us. 

Our return packaging is robust. Designed to protect your valuable equipment but sustainable, biodegradable, and up to 97% recyclable.  Read More.

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