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M3 Before Repaint

Your camera is old
and the chrome
is tired...





"We endeavour to perform the task as it would have originally been carried out at the factory"

As Leica service specialists, our unique position allows us to intimately understand the construction, materials, and heritage of Leica products. When it comes to our 'repaints,' we adhere to a meticulous approach that mirrors the precision of the original factory craftsmanship.

Here's how we transform your camera:

  • Total Disassembly: We embark on a journey of precision by completely dismantling every part of your camera. This includes the removal of plating down to the brass foundation. Unlike some practices, we do not resort to aggressive sanding to remove plating.

  • No Compromises: We uphold a strict 'no shortcuts' policy. We never paint screws in place, and we do not mask areas that should be dismantled merely to save time or costs. Every step is executed with the utmost care and authenticity.

The Result? A camera that not only looks but also feels like it just rolled off the factory line. Our 'repaints' breathe new life into your Leica, preserving its timeless elegance and functionality for years to come.

A camera is the photographer's primary tool. As a Leica user, you cherish the simplicity, reliability, and impeccable build quality that define Leica cameras. Additionally, you likely have an affinity for the timeless Bauhausian design ethos.

Embracing a camera that embodies 'das Wesentliche,' or essence, as Leica calls it, may not guarantee better pictures, but it undeniably elevates the user experience.


These aesthetic qualities add a unique dimension to your photography journey. It's the reason why so many Leica owners turn to us not only to restore the mechanical and optical systems but also to revive and enhance the camera's aesthetics.



When the chrome M6 appeared sporting black levers and fittings, it quickly got the name 'Panda'. This look, it is said, was not born of design, nor was it a special edition, but the result of parts shortages. However the look became very popular. We can recreate this look on any Leica 'M' and even screw mount cameras.

Reverse Panda

Reverse Panda

Taking the idea of using contrasting parts further, we have what we call the Reverse Panda. Generally a darker colour painted top and bottom plate and chrome fittings. We believe this can be of the most attractive looks for a Leica. Any colour that contrasts with chrome works well. Naturally, for best results, the chrome levers etc need to be in good condition.

M2 Grey Reverse Panda_edited.jpg
Fatory Pattern

Factory Pattern Repaint

Original black cameras were painted following a certain pattern. For example, the shutter release button is usually chrome. The bottom plate release catch on an original black M2 or M3 is chrome but black on an M4. We will research original examples based on your serial number for guidance. The colour may be black, olive or safari green, or any colour you like.


After painting your camera or lens, the engravings are infilled with a variety of materials. For black-painted cameras, our default style is to use white enamel. In fact, pure 'brilliant' white looks a little odd. We actually use an 'ivory' white, which looks correct in most cases. If you are seeking a contemporary look, possibly 'brilliant' white could be used, but what about a light grey, for a more subtle effect? For the top plate of a camera, we could pick out the 'Leica' logo to stand out differently, using different colours. It's entirely up to you. We also have available metal loaded wax infill paint, with silver being a pretty good representation of the old 'wismut' silver inlay found on older black screw mount cameras. For lenses it is the same story. Our default position is that feet markers on older lenses are traditionally red. Metre markers and other engravings are done using ivory. More recently, Leitz figured out that red is quite difficult to see against black and that is why they started to use a mustard colour for those engravings. If you want things done differently - let us know. For example, what about colour coding aperture numbers and depth of field indicators for fast setting of hyperfocal distances? Finally, glow-in-the-dark infills of various shades are also possible!

The Colours of Cerakote



In addition to the suggested painting schemes above, we can also provide a multitude of different colours and textures by Cerakote. These include military colours, olive greens, olive drab, safari colours etc. We can do a flat ceramic black 'stealth' finish, even with a black lens mount for those who do not wish to be noticed so easily. There is also a titanium finish which is very close to the original Leica PVD coating. We are able to provide camo styles and other designs that can be applied by hydro dipping. Basically, whatever you can imagine, we can make happen.

Alan Starkie is also a City & Guilds qualified silversmith and experienced stone-setter. We are happy to discuss any projects that may require the use of precious metals or gemstones, including diamonds. We also possess a 50W fibre laser engraving machine.

Reskins are currently based on the well-known Koyo Orient #4008 pattern leatherette. We now cut these skins on our own premises which gives us better control over quality and fit. These are not currently available as DIY kits. Coming soon are real Italian leather skins in a variety of colours and also interesting materials such as Kevlar

'Snakelegs' Leica

The concept is to distill the pure essence of the Leica. Retaining only what is necessary and removing anything that can get in the way. This can include removal of strap lugs if required, frame preview lever, self-timer, flash ports, film door ASA reminder being replaced with film carton memo holder. We can also remove the 'fangs' that protrude down each side of the top plate to surround the lens mount.


Leica M2 'fangs' removed, self-timer
& preview levers and mechanisms removed AKA 'Snakelegs

We recently completed such a camera for one of our customers which included fitting of Nikon F2 titanium shutter blinds.  The weight of the camera had been reduced by about 50 grams - almost 10% of the weight of the original camera. We can take this further should a lightweight camera be required.


Leica M3 'Snakelegs'

M7 Stealth Edition

Simulated with the cameraworks-uk configurator

Summicron 35mm beforeAfter-01.png
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