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Australian Leica M2 Goes Grey Gracefully...

From the land down under, this Leica came arrived in need of an overhaul and a repaint. While our most popular colour is black, we are sometimes asked to provide alternative finishes and colours.

Leica M2 Grey Repaint Top View cameraworks-uk

Grey was a good choice for this early button-rewind M2 and sometimes leaving the levers and dials in chrome makes for an attractive look. This one of a kind Leica was finished in an extremely tough firearm paint. The camera had all of its chrome and nickel removed prior to painting and while it may take some considerable time for the paint to wear down, when it does, it will brass.

Leica M2 Grey Repaint Front View cameraworks-uk

The film door was finished in a black version of the same coating then then the finishing touch was the gold engraving infill and a set of our flash sync covers. The shutter was serviced and tuned and the client asked us to upgrade the viewfinder aperture to the larger M4 type, which was done.

Leica M2 Grey Repaint back view cameraworks-uk

This camera is now ready to shoot some film and do so very stylishly. Find out more about our services.

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