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Genuine Hamamatsu (made in Japan) component, supplied with data sheet  S1787-04 is a high-performance, high quality plastic package photodiode that offers low dark current. 
The plastic package used is light-impervious, so no stray light can reach the photosensitive area from the side or backside. This allows reliable optical measurements in the visible to near infrared range, over a wide dynamic range from low light levels to high light levels. 
  • Photosensitive area 2.4 x 2.8mm. 
  • Package size 8 x 6 x 2.2mm (exc leads). 
  • Vr Max 10v. Dark current 10pA max. Spectral response is 320-730, peaking at 560nm. 
This photodiode is ideal for work in the visible light spectrum. Possible applications include 
  • A replacement for visible light photodiodes AKA silicon blue photodiodes as used in many cameras and other photographic equipment.
  • Light meters 
  • Lux meters 
  • Robotics and Ai
  • Any device for reliably measuring the visible light spectrum as well as general use.



S1787-04 Silicon Photodiode

SKU: S1787-04

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