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Sapphire crystal replacement windows for the M2/M3 and M4 (not the M6 flush fitting type). These are identical to the original windows dimensionally. Make sure you tell us whether you want the M3 or M2/4 type. The coating of these windows has a light blue appearance.


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  • Sapphire Crystal Durability: With a hardness rating of 9 on the Mohs scale, these windows offer unparalleled scratch resistance. For context, mineral glass typically scores around 5.


  • Advanced Coatings: Like our original AR windows, these are AR-coated on both sides for maximum clarity. Additionally, they feature a hydrophobic, fingerprint-resistant coating on the front side.


  • Perfect Fit for Leica 'M' Cameras: Designed specifically for Leica 'M' series (except models with forward-fitted, flush windows like the M6), ensuring a seamless integration.


  • Convenient Installation: We can fit these windows as part of our standard servicing or repainting process. Alternatively, we offer window sets for M2, M3, and M4 models, suitable for installation by your local repair technician.


  • Affordable Pricing: We're offering these premium sapphire crystal windows at the same price as our regular AR glass windows.

EnduraCrystal™ Viewports M2/M3/M4

  • These windows are usually fitted by us during repair/service/repaint etc, however, we decided to make them available to other repair shops and even for DIY use. Unfortunately, we cannot replace or exchange any windows that are damaged in the process of fitting.

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