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The classic Leica M camera, although beautifully designed, was done so before ergonomics and human factors became industry standard. As a result, one may feel that holding a Leica M, there is no real place on the camera where one can get a good grip, especially when holding the camera in one hand.


The Gurippu LM grip is slim and unobtrusive and allows a safe and secure grip with just light fingertip pressure. The LM Grip also offers significant protection to your camera with very little weight-gain. The LM Film version weighing in at just 87 grams.


Our design demanded elegance and simplicity. Materials are precision machined from lightweight, black anodised 6061-T6 aluminium alloy and 316 stainless steel. Not only is the finish beautiful but hard-wearing and corrosion resistant.


We decided to dispense with the tripod bush on the baseplate, Instead, featuring the ARCA quick lock rail for your convenience. This allowed us to reduce the overall thickness of the baseplate to just under 5.5mm at the thickest point, thus minimising weight without compromising strength. The entire length of the Gurippu forms an ARCA rail, allowing for a significant amount of lateral camera movement and easy tripod attachment.


The LM Grip protects the entirety of your camera bottom plate. The slim design means that access to your bottom plate release catch is unobstructed and can be removed with the LM Grip attached, just as easily as before.


Fitting to your camera is by means of a Leica style retractable catch and can be done in seconds. No coin or other tool is needed. For older cameras with 3/8" tripod thread, we have provided an adapter that can be attached to your camera to convert it to the standard ¼" thread.


The Gurippu LMF Grip will fit all Leica M film cameras (with the exception of the M5). See our other range for Leica M10 and M11. As with most other camera grips, use of the self-timer may be restricted and the grip may have to be temporarily removed from the camera in order to attach certain permanently 'goggled' lenses. Once the lens is fitted, the LM Grip can be attached once more.


Fulfilled directly from our UK office.

GURIPPU CAMERA GRIP For Leica M2/M3/M4 Gurippu Camera Grip for film Leica M

£159.99 Regular Price
£111.99Sale Price
  • Shipped directly from the UK.

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