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2 Year Guarantee

We offer a two year guarantee on our servicing work, subject to out terms and conditions, which can be found at the foot of any of our pages. Our guarantee covers parts fitted and/or work carried out. It doesn't cover any additional new faults that may develop during the guarantee term unless the fault can be attributed to the work we originally carried out or parts fitted. Also, things like accidental damage are not covered. Things can go wrong after repair or servicing work and in the unlikely event this happens, generally we sort most things out without fuss.

Fungus: once fungus or mould has been removed and the area cleaned, there should be no further infestation provided the equipment is stored at <65% relative humidity. No fungus can propagate or grow at this level of humidity. Most modern centrally heated homes fit this profile. Any recurrence of fungus means the equipment has been stored at levels sufficient for fungal growth. Even though the equipment has been thoroughly cleaned, some microscopic spores, which are resistant to most chemicals and UV light may remain. Also, each cubic metre of air around us contains many millions of spores. Any further infestation will not be covered by our guarantee.


The principle is that providing your camera/lens is at least in an average condition one would expect of a camera of that age, we will put right anything that goes wrong for a period of two years from the date of the final invoice. Occasionally, we are sent equipment that many Leica repairers refuse or are unable to repair or deem them uneconomical to repair. Even equipment that may appear in reasonable cosmetic condition may have issues that affect the prognosis: They may be internally corroded, perhaps past water ingress, suffer from battery leakage, contain sand or grit, may have been poorly repaired in the past, leading to damage, missing parts, damaged screws etc or be full of mould or fungus.


Some may have suffered from impact damage. Other equipment may have been reasonably well kept but are suffering from a great deal of wear, perhaps due to extensive professional use. While we can usually repair and service such equipment and often spend an inordinate amount of time working on them, often at no extra cost. However, we do reserve the right to limit the extent of the guarantee or in some cases charge for any extra work if we deem the problem is not related to our workmanship or failure of parts fitted but due to issues listed above.

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